Adult Faith Formation

Religious education is not justfirewalking-walkthetalkFAITHIFY for children.  I believe in, practice, and am committed to Lifespan Faith Development.  I have been designing and implementing a new spiritual formation for Unitarian Universalists over the last year. The program is called Firewalking and you can learn about it in detail here.


One of the influences on Firewalking was Wellspring which I helped to pilot while at  Pathways. Please visit the Wellspring website and explore this wonderful program of spiritual deepening for Unitarian Universalists. Virtually every Wellspring participant reported that the program changed their life. I still receive cards and letters periodically from the people who took the Wellspring journey telling me how transformative it has been for them.  You can listen to testimonies from an end of the year worship service featuring Wellspring participants here:

Some other resources I have developed for use with adult formation include:

Discovering Our Chosen Faith – A slide presentation using the book Our Chosen Faith as a basis for having small groups reflect on Unitarian Universalism.

Who Do UU Say That I Am? – An introduction to Jesus for Unitarian Universalists and other progressives.

Original Blessing – A video explaining the difference between the theological approach grounded in the concept of Original Blessings with the traditional concepts of Fall and Redemption thinking.


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