Sermons to watch, listen to, and read


I keep a playlist of sermons on my own YouTube channel.

A playlist of my most recent sermons from my YouTube Channel

Videos of sermons from my time at Hopedale Unitarian Parish can be found on the church’s YouTube channel on the playlist “Good News from Hopedale”.    You can watch any of the sermons from my time at Pathways Church on this Vimeo playlist (you will need to log in to Vimeo or create a Vimeo account to access these).


“Pardon and Punishment” – Hopedale Unitarian Parish, Hopedale, MA – March 26, 2017 – Rev. Tony Lorenzen reflects on the difference between restorative justice and retributive justice.
“Do Over” – First Jefferson UU Church, Fort Worth, TX – January 4, 2015 – Rev. Tony Lorenzen reflects on starting over, making mistakes, taking risks, and failing forward.
“Truth or Dare” – Community UU Church, Plano, TX; May 25, 2014. Rev. Tony Lorenzen reflects on the responsible search for truth and meaning, the paranormal, and the human spirit.

You can listen to some more of my sermons on my own SoundCloud station or on the Hopedale Unitarian Parish iTunes Podcast “Good News from Hopedale.”


I love writing and I love preaching, but I think they are two different ministries. I sometimes preach with a manuscript, but just as often I preach with just notes or even extemporaneously without any notes or text at all. I often turn newspaper columns or blog posts into sermons or vice versa, so I encourage you to see my Publications page for more writing. If you would like to see the text of a particular sermon, please contact me. If I have a text, I will share it with you.

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