I believe in the practice of shared missional ministry.  Shared ministry means shared leadership and intentional leadership development. This builds strong leadership and without strong leadership, an organization will plateau and decline.  With leadership, mountains can be moved, lives changed, and whole nations transformed.

Effective leadership is  crucial for any organization to achieve its mission.  Effective leadership helps any group of people get from here (a place where they know they don’t want to be) to there (the place they materially and spiritually  long for – the “promised land”).

Our partnership will be one wherein we develop leaders and equip them with the skills  they need for effective service to the church and wider community.

Any change in an organization, such as a new staff person coming on board, will always be accompanied by some bumps and some anxiety.  I see our partnership as one in which we view change as a spiritual practice.  Change is the only permanence and engaging in healthy change processes and constructive change management helps move people and groups forward in a pattern of transformative growth.  I look forward to doing this together.

We will create a partnership in ministry based on a clearly defined mission and vision.  This mission and vision may be one the congregation already has or one we can develop together.  We will be a  people who know who they are and what they are called to do and be in their community. We will be a people with a plan.   We will always set goals so as to better fulfill our mission and vision.

Our partnership will be a spiritual one, grounded in the best foundations of humanistic religion. My training in spiritual direction has taught me how to listen attentively to the lives of individuals and communities.  The better we are able to listen to our congregation, its people, and the surrounding community, the more spiritually grounded we will be and we’ll be better able to serve our community through our outreach programs and social justice partnerships.

We will be dreamers and visionaries together.  I will do my best to be a “dreamer-in-chief” and we will dream big dreams and work on achieving them together. We won’t think small.  We will work together in such a way as to be an example to the community of what Unitarian Universalism’s commitment to love and justice can accomplish.

Together we will create a team that is collaborative in more than just spirit. Our leadership team will encourage the congregation in pursuit of transformative growth and through our efforts the team will be doing nothing less than transforming the world, one life at a time.

Through example and practice we will build a community that values spirituality, encourages  its members to deeply develop their individual spiritual practices and search for truth and meaning.  Our work together will build a congregation that values community, worship and service.  Our people will be both spiritual and religious.  Our people will thrive and our numbers will grow.

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